Experiencing the European Psychoanalytical Film Festival, London, November 2013

ImageFew years ago with some of my dearest colleagues and friends from Italy we attended the 2nd European Psychoanalytical Film Festival. Andrea Sabbadini, an Italian colleague and fellow of the British Psychoanalytic Society was in charge of the organisation together with his committee (the first EPFF had been held two years before, in 2001), and the Festival at its second event was already doing very well. The location was and still is one of the most popular for the London movie industry: the Bafta, few steps away from the shiny Piccadilly Circus, in the heart of London.

We have hardly missed one ever since. […]

This year the EPFF Committee, whose members come now from different parts of Europe, and whose honorary chair is Director Bernardo Bertolucci, has come out with the brilliant idea of giving the Festival the title Secrets.
You can make sure that with such an intriguing theme, anybody with a sense of curiosity (probably both psychoanalysts and movie fans) would not miss it! And so it happened, 250 people attended and more would have loved to, but this unfortunately overcomes the venue capacity.

To read full article and a movie clip, click here on IPA website.


Andrea Sabbadini and Mike Leigh: the secret guest at the EPFF7

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