Drug addiction, UK and Russel Brand on BBC, 10-8-2012



It was by chance that I went on BBC IPlayer and crossed this video about a documentary on drug addiction treatments also sponsored  by Russel Brand, the famous British comedian in UK.

In this discussion you can see by its own evidence how strong is the emotional reactions towards drug addiction. I skip any comment on the content of the discussion and individual theories, ideas or “believes” on the matter.

Nevertheless, I’d like to underline how difficult is to face this complex matter: i.e. how few space is left to the doctor who was there trying to explain what is the kind of work they do in their charity for drug adiction. He can hardly say a word during the quick discussion.

Unluckly, drug addiction induces huge emotional reactions and fears in people.

This gives a sample and may explains how strong is addiction itself, even without having had the experience of abuse. In psychoanalysis this phenomenon is called: projective identification defence which has been widely described by Thomas Ogden.

If you wish to understand better this phenomenon and creating your personal opinion, go to the video clicking on the link above and if you wish leave your comments.

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